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5 Ways You Can Attach Your Buzz

Never Lose Your Wallet/Purse in an Auto/Cab

In an era of Uber and Ola, forgetting your wallet/purse is very common.
Lost your wallet on the auto/cab? Instantly activate your Buzz and locate your wallet immediately.

Locating your Favorite items in your Duplex

If you live in a duplex or in a big house having multiple floors, locating your favorite items can be a Herculean task. This is where Buzz can come to your rescue. Just attach it to your things and ring whenever required.

Call Someone Instantly

Need to make an SOS call in an emergency to your loved ones? Configure your Buzz and be assured that your friend / partner would always be within your reach.

Public Gatherings / Occasions

In a family gathering or an Indian wedding, when most of us tend to misplace or lose stuffs, Buzz is the way to keep your stuffs handy. You can connect it to all your valuables and locate it instantly with a press of a button.

Monitoring Your Kids

When taking your kids for a walk and at the same time need to attend a conference call, attach buzz to the pockets of your little ones so that you are alerted whenever they stroll a little far away from your range.

Buzz can be handy, smart and a magic for all the families that keeps finding things together, now with Buzz you will have more time to relax, enjoy and spend more time together.

Buzz will take care of all your worries of keeping your valuables safe & keep your loved ones and things a step closer to you always.