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Lost & Found


Losing our belongings can give us a lot of stressful and exhaustive times. If you are someone, who too tend to lose or misplace things in your day-to-day rush, then Buzz can be your ultimate aid. Buzz can be affixed to your valuables like phone, laptop, car keys or wallet and get it traced through the Buzz app in your phone whenever misplaced.

It will help you to avoid difficult situations at crucial moments; like losing your bag with your passport during a vacation trip or misplacing your car keys while going for important meeting.

…Over a few months, our daughter Richa seemed to frantically look up for her stuffs every day before leaving the house, sometimes misplacing her most important stuffs like phone, wallets, car keys and spending hours locating it. One such incident was when she was leaving for her much-awaited holiday trip to Bangkok. In the airport, she realized that her bag with the passport was left in the cab that just dropped her at the entry gate. However, this time we had the Buzz affixed to her purse. This helped her to instantly ring the Buzz attached to her bag with the Buzz app on her phone and track its location. The ring alerted the driver of the cab and he could promptly return the bag to her. Our daughter could fly for her most awaited trip and we were assured that with Buzz at her side, she could take care of her things, when we were not near.

– Sunil Tripathi, Indore