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Buzz is Perfect for your pets

buzz is Perfect
for your pets

With Buzz, you can leash freedom to your pets to go around playing in your neighborhood and home. You can promptly locate them when they hide themselves in the bushes, or go playing mischievously inside your house or escape to overgrown yards or the narrow lanes. You will always find your four-legged friend secure within your reach with Buzz.

Sometimes pets find it easier to deceive your attention and make a swift rush out of vicinity. For those throbbing moments, Buzz will allow you to stay calm and promptly locate and initiate rescue.

“Sassy being the furriest little monster in my house, she is an expert escape artist who loves to wander around and dash out of the house, anytime she gets a chance. Many days she gave us stressful moments locating her under the carton boxes laying in the lane, in the outhouse or in the front light post corners. One day she sneaked out of the house and got herself injured in the outhouse. Just that we had the BUZZ tied to her collar chain, it helped us to locate her location and provide help immediately”.

– Ms. Solanki, Navi Mumbai

Buzz is a great help for pets like Sassy, who are mischievous and adept escape masters. It will help them to locate their locations immediately in case they wander far away or get themselves trapped in a difficult situation. Buzz is a great friend for pets with disabilities that needs special care. It will always keep you one-step closer to your loyal friends and give more time to smuggle and cuddle with them.